Wellness Garage is a precision lifestyle medical practice, combining medical expertise with a team-based approach including one-to-one coaching, personal training, nutritional counselling, education and digital tracking. ​ For each of our clients, we create a personalized Precision Health Tune-Up.

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All of our coaching programs begin with a medical assessment - a comprehensive review of your medical history and potential risks.

Our team will order any medically necessary tests and provide options for different advanced assessments including genomics and molecular lab tests, DEXA scans, and advanced physiological testing.

With this detailed personalized, medical assessment as the baseline we then create a customized 1:1 coaching program focusing on the core behaviors to achieve your personal goals - we call this a Precision Health Tune-Up (each Precision Health Tune Up lasts 4 months) 

We then create a nutrition and fitness plan that fits into your life (no crazy diets that NEVER work).

Our program backed by science, not fads. Our program is designed to instill powerful new habits – one small step at a time, with apowerful curriculum tailored to you.

  We leverage most advanced “habit change” software on the market to help you with subtle reminders about important stuff. 

Finally we schedule 1:1 coaching (in person, over the phone or via video) with our health coaches and help you along every step of the way to your health transformation.